Indonesia, known as an archipelago country, has around 18,100 islands with coverage area of land (3.1 million km2) and marine (5.8 million km2). As a multicultural country with a high population, innovation and technology advances are critical for Indonesia to improving welfare in all aspects of life. The Indonesian government is therefore thriving to encourage academia, business and community to create an innovation through collaboration in research and development. With abundance natural resources, Indonesian government is also striving to accommodate their valorisation in a sustainable way. Participatory approach has been well applied, involving the participation of local community in planning, developing and implementing an innovation and/or an appropriate technology for transforming any potential local resources. Academia has been greatly involved in assisting the local community through government-, business- and community-engagement activities and programs.

International conference on Innovation and Technology (ICIT) is therefore aimed to provide platform for exchange of experiences, innovation and technological changes/advances among academia, scientists, professionals, and/or business in global environment; to initiate collaboration in research and technology with local, national and international stakeholders; and to disseminate research results and its application to communities or industries.

Conference topics include, but not limited to:
– Engineering
– Sustainable agriculture & Agricultural engineering
– Basic science/life science
– Information System & Technology
– Green cities
– Green Industries
– Health and medicine – Management and Business
– Community development
– Social economics
– Public health
– Education

Conference Publication

  • The selected paper of ICIT 2019 has been published in IOP Conference Series and indexed by Scopus.
  • The accepted paper of ICIT 2019 has been published in Special Issue of Journal of Innovation and Applied Technology.

Keynote Speakers

Conference Committee

Dr. Samsuzana Abdul Aziz (Universiti Putra Malaysia – Malaysia)
Dr. Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani (Universiti Putra Malaysia – Malaysia)
Dr. Mingming Zhu (University of Western Australia -Australia)
Dr. Yang Zhang (Tsinghua University-China)
Prof. Bunjira Makond, Ph.D (Prince of Songkla University- Thailand)
Prof. Jane CJ Chao, Ph.D (Taipei Medical University – Taiwan)
A/Prof. Buyung Kosasih (University of Wollongong – Australia)
Lukman Noerochim, ST, MSC.Eng, PhD (Institute Teknologi Surabaya- Indonesia)
Dr Andrea Emma Pravitasari, SP., MSi (Institute Pertanian Bogor – Indonesia)
Dr. Wahyuaji Narottama Putra, MT (Universitas Indonesia – Indonesia)
Miranti Kartika Dewi, PhD (Universitas Indonesia – Indonesia)
Indra Gunawan ST,M.Sc.,Ph.D. (Institute Teknologi Bandung – Indonesia)
Budhi Sholeh Wibowo, ST, MT, M.BA, PDEng. (Universitas Gadjah Mada – Indonesia)
Hariyadi, M.A., Ph.D (Universitas Jendral Soedirman – Indonesia)
Dr. Efri Mardawati S.TP., MT (Universitas Padjajaran – Indonesia)
Dr. Panji Deoranto, S.TP., MP. (Universitas Brawijaya – Indonesia)
Dr. Nurini Aprilianda, SH. MHum. (Universitas Brawijaya – Indonesia)
Dr. Sc. Asep Awaludin P., S.Pi, MP (Universitas Brawijaya – Indonesia)
Dr. Widya Dwi Rukmi Putri, STP., MP (Universitas Brawijaya – Indonesia)
Nurdiani Nurdiani, S.Pi, M.AppSc, PhD (Universitas Brawijaya – Indonesia)
Dian Handayani, SKM, M.Kes, PhD (Universitas Brawijaya – Indonesia)
dr. Syifa Mustika, SpPD (Universitas Brawijaya – Indonesia)
Dr Aqsha (Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia)
Li Yunjing, Ph.D (Tianjin Foreign Studies University – China)

Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo, M.Sc.Agr.
Sugiono, ST, MT, Ph.D
Dr. Ir. Atiek Iriany, MS
Dr. Ir. Susinggih Wijana, MS
Susenohaji, SE, M.Si
Agung Sugeng Widodo, ST, MT, Ph.D

Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, SE., M.Com., PhD
Sri Suhartini, STP. M.Env.Mgt.PhD
Hendrix Yulis Setyawan, STP. MSi. PhD
Sri Purworini SE
Saundra Rosalina STP. MT
Secretariat Committee
Agustina Eunike, ST, MT, M.BA (co) Dego Ali Musa, STP. MP
Riska Septifani, S.TP, MP
Candra Adi Intyas, S.Pi., M.P.
Yudi Arimba Wani, SKM. MPH
Chandra Sari Kurniawati, drg., Sp.KG.
Vitta Rizky Permatasari, S.TP, MSi
Hafida Ruminar, S.Pd.,M.Pd.
Nimas Mayang Sabrina, STP. MSc
Yang Nadia Miranti, S.Hum., M.Pd.
Dr. Reka Dewantara, S.H., M.H.
Andrean Eka Hardana, SP.,MP.,M.BA. AEH
Novalia Kusumarini, SP.,MP. NKR
Sahiruddin, M.S,PhD
Muhammad Arwani, STP. MT
Publication Committee
Sri Palupi Prabandari, SE, MM (co)
Programs Committee
Endrika Widyastuti, SPt. M.Sc.MP (co)
Kiki Fibrianto, STP, M.Phil, Ph.D
Dr. Eng Oke Oktavianty, S.Si, MT
Equipment Committee
Rudianto Raharjo, ST. MT (co)
Redi Bintarto, ST., M.Eng.Pract
Consumption Committee
Dr.Eng. Widya Wijayanti, ST, MT (co)
Candra Dewi, S.Kom, M.Sc
Transportation Committee
Dr. Eng. Zefry Darmawan, ST, MT (co)
Susilo Kusdiwanggo, ST. MT
Documentation Committee
Angga Wira Perdana, S.PI, MP. (co)
Mochammad Fattah , S.Pi, M.Si